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Gardening Therapy

Gardening Therapy

Gardening therapy is a therapeutic field that is included in the expression and creativity therapies. It is a powerful tool that uses man’s inborn affinity for nature to help him improve the quality of his life physically and mentally.
During the therapy, we use plants, gardening activities, the closeness to nature and the unique experience that it provides as a tool to assist in advancing processes that are beneficial to residents physically, mentally, behaviorally, socially and cognitively.

Gardening therapy is suitable for all members of the population and can be implemented wherever there are proper conditions for plants to grow (soil, water, air and light). A small plot of soil, hothouse or balcony with sunlight can definitely be a sufficient basis for the therapy.

At Grabski Rehabilitation Center, there is a large, pleasant and accessible garden.

The garden is composed of several different sections. There is a covered foyer where it is possible to work comfortably next to a table. There is a hothouse where delicate or young plants can have optimal conditions. There are raised personal window boxes where each resident can grow and tend to the plants as they see fit. There is a fish pond and aquatic plants, as well as decorative plants and herbs, and between them are shaded sitting areas.

The types of plants that grow in our garden are also very diverse. We have house plants and outdoor plants, edible plants, herbs and decorative plants, succulents and cactuses, seasonal plants, bushes and trees.

The garden invites each person to take part as they desire, according to their individual areas of interest, needs and capabilities. In our garden, it is possible to plant and weed, dig and rake, cut and thin out, but it is also possible to perform more delicate tasks such as drying or arranging flowers, separating seeds, preparing tea infusions or create art with natural materials. Sometimes, all a person wants to do is sit in the fresh air, breathe in the scent of the plants and soil, and listen to the sound of the bubbling water or the chirping of the birds.