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    Grabski Rehabilitation Center, which operates under the umbrella organization of Colel Chabad, runs three residential homes for populations with difficult physical disabilities. The hostel in Migdal Haemek has been operating for 15 years, a satellite apartment has also been operating in Migdal Haemek for about two years, and a community rehabilitation center in Jerusalem called Beit Finger has been operating for about a year. The organization implements very unique work processes at the different centers based on their extensive experience and professional knowledge in the field of rehabilitative therapy. We assist young and older adults with difficult physical disabilities who have normal cognitive capabilities, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and stroke victims.

  • Why Choose Us?

    We focus on encouraging and developing independence and a normative lifestyle to boost rehabilitation, within a community living environment.
    We use some of the most advanced therapy technology in the world in order to provide treatment opportunities for all residents, specially adapted in order to bring out their strengths.
    We offer diverse and unique activities that combine emotional experiences, cognitive therapy and motor skill development.
    We follow a unique approach that adapts the environment to the resident’s needs instead of adapting the resident to the environment (human-oriented services).

    Finger House

    'בשנת 2018 חנכה העמותה מרכז דיור בירושלים. המרכז החדש מהווה את המילה האחרונה מבחינת הטיפול והשיקום והן מבחינת הטכנולוגיות המשולבות בו.'

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