Information for Residents – GRC

Information for Residents

  • Who is Suitable?


    •  People with congenital physical disability.
    • People with acquired-progressive physical disabilities (such as ALS and cerebral palsy).
    • People with a disability caused by various other circumstances (stroke, electrocution, polio, etc.).
    • People eligible for housing outside of the home provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.

  • What is the acceptance process?

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    Admission Committee

    if the applicant will be interested in our services, he or she will be invited to an admission committee where the applicant's suitability will be examined based on the information gathered and the expectations of the applicant.

    Tour of the Site

    The candidate will be invited to participate in a tour, during which they will become familiar with the hostel building, the activities and the daily schedule. They will experience the atmosphere and meet members of the staff and residents.

    Admissions Committee

    If the candidate is interested in continuing the process, they will be invited to an admissions committee, which will examine their suitability based on information provided and coordination of mutual expectations.