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    Finger House is an additional center of fund, established in Jerusalem close to the center of the city and nearby the famous “Machne Ye’huda” market. Our center is suitable for young adults making their first steps outside of their parents’ house. Most of our residents are in the age group of 22-35 with complex disabilities. They are being admitted treatment and response to their needs 24/7, 365 days a year.

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    We would love to hear from you! Whether you would like to receive more information, work with us, or become a benefactor – fill in your details and we will contact you shortly.

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  • Our Work Processes

    • We continue to implement the very unique and advanced work processes that were accumulated on the basis of extensive experience and professional knowledge in the field of rehabilitation treatment in the same population with severe physical disabilities with normal cognition, MS patients, cerebral palsy and brain injury.
    • At Beit Finger we adopted the unique work processes that the organization leads, based on the following principles: the use of the most advanced treatment technologies in the world, wide and varied activities for leisure and employment, and the focus on encouraging and developing independence.
    • As a rehabilitation lever in community housing - leading a unique concept in which the framework adapts itself to the tenant's needs and desires (a person-oriented service) and does not operate in the more common and easier way of adapting the tenant to the framework. All these activities are accompanied by many departures for entertainment throughout Jerusalem; Tours, and performances throughout the city.
    • In our vision, we see our house full of workers and volunteers who draw our residents into a normative world, where they are less preoccupied with their pain and are connected to the healthy world around them, and who, together with the community, maintain a vibrant and vibrant life for the residents who choose to live there.
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