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Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Expression via art/painting as a therapeutic tool:

Objective: To protect the soul from the body that is gradually deteriorating, while providing a space that is safe, personal connections, trust and respect to the person and to the creative process.

Painting is a way of expressing a rich inner world, even when the soul is trapped inside a paralyzed body. With a shaking hand, with a single finger, holding the paintbrush in the mouth or head, with weak vision or in complete darkness.

Painting causes those painting to move, to fly, to dream, to dance, to get angry, to cry and to laugh.
This is hope – this is light.

The presence of the therapist in this process creates the unique space for art therapy in a trifold relationship: resident – materials and creation – therapist.

Mira Ziv, Art Therapist, Grabski Rehabilitation Center