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Music Therapy

Music Therapy

The therapy is carried out using technology that is on the cutting edge of innovation today. The room is used as a unique therapy tool with enjoyable feedback – both visual and audio.

The uniqueness of the room is that here, every person can play music, even if they have no musical background and even if they are only capable of moving one finger or motioning with their facial expressions.
The exercises were structured together with A-Muse and adapted for the needs of our residents, for their therapeutic goals and with music that they enjoy. The personal adaptation encourages their motivation and makes the treatment a fun experience.

Our main goal is to improve their quality of life. In this room, we do this through an activity that is both enjoyable, enables creativity and personal expression and allows us to practice various therapeutic elements. In the room, it is possible to practice various cognitive aspects, such as memory via the colored lights (identification of colors or sounds), practicing attention in working with a group in order to create a harmonic sound at an appropriate rhythm. It is also possible to practice gross motor movements, delicate movements of the fingers and work with the facial muscles. The room enables tracking various indices, such as movement ranges and the manner that the exercises are performed, on graphs for each of the residents.

Physiotherapy in the Music Room
• Standing and walking functions – The music room enables practicing mobility and carrying weight with the assistance of a standing walker or a regular walker that are used as a basis for playing music, which increases motivation and enjoyment from the exercise.
• Movement practice – The room enables practicing personally adapted movement ranges for each user, with musical feedback based on the resident’s choice and capabilities.
• Space for physical exercise – Exercise that includes strengthening and tolerance exercises based on a personal plan adapted in advance to the rhythm of the music and the resident exercising.
• Playing music and balance – A combination of healthy and dynamic balance exercises and learning to play music on the various instruments in the music room, such as the guitar, keyboard, flute, drums and more.