Nutritionist – GRC




Nutrition is a paramedical profession that focuses on tailoring nutrition that meets the body’s needs. The purpose of nutrition is to improve the resident’s quality of life and increase lifespan by conducting a healthy lifestyle.

At Grabski Rehabilitation Center, nutrition focuses on a number of issues –

Working in collaboration with the kitchen –

Creating a balanced menu, taking into consideration nutritional aspects, budgetary aspects, people’s preferences, and dealing with industrial-grade food.

Food is served in an aesthetic manner, taking into consideration the different textures of the foods based on the individual needs of each person.

Maintaining proper kitchen practices based on all of the health guidelines, supervised by the Ministry of Health, in order to ensure high quality food and to prevent food poisoning, from the stage when the food is purchased to how it is stored, the cooking process and until it is served on the plates.

Finally, we have developed a special method for preparing gourmet meals for residents who have difficulty swallowing.

Routine work –

Routine tracking of each resident, including weight and height measurements and blood tests to identify missing elements among the residents, in cooperation with the health clinic staff.

Locating residents who need nutritional intervention, based on reports from the therapeutic staff – therapists, nurses, kitchen staff, etc.

Diet therapy, including preparing a personal menu adapted to solve the nutritional issues of the resident in need, such as – obesity/underweight/various chronic illnesses such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel diseases, high blood pressure and more.

Providing guidance to the therapeutic staffs, kitchen staff and the residents on nutrition topics.

Group activities among residents to encourage smart nutrition, healthy lifestyles and weight loss.