Physiotherapy – GRC




Physical therapy is a health profession that deals with diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention of problems of the motor system. It attempts to improve functional capabilities and treat problems related to the nerve-muscle-skeletal system.”

Every resident undergoes a comprehensive diagnosis of their physical condition. We check the resident’s limitations and capabilities, and no less importantly – their desires. Accordingly, a treatment program and treatment objectives are set. We put emphasis on increasing independence and improving the residents’ quality of life, as well as finding solutions to their special needs in all areas of life, such as mobility in walking, adaptation of wheelchairs and more.

At the hostel, we have an active physiotherapy room equipped with a range of exercise equipment adapted for our residents.

When exercising with the residents, we try to set a calm and less formal atmosphere, while still maintaining a high level of therapeutic professionalism. We encourage our residents and accompany them to therapy and exercise outside of the hostel as well, such as: a therapeutic swimming pool (hydrotherapy), therapeutic horseback riding or a community gym. An additional aspect of our work in this area involves consulting with professionals from related areas, such as occupational therapists, speech therapists, nutritionists, physicians and more.